Free content writing courses

Content Writing is a very desirable career in the present time. Many students want to learn the skill of content writing ,so free content writing courses are very much in demand and much more professionals want to shift their career into writing.

Free content writing courses

There are a plethora of courses, certificates, webinars, workshops available online. All these choices create confusion too, among the students. All of these classes are not necessarily paid.

Free online content writing  courses in India

Free online content writing courses in India

Many of the courses are available for free content writing online. There are so many Free content writing courses available online too. Just go on youtube and write in the search box ‘content writing’ and hundreds of courses will come out for you. There are different channels on which you can learn about content writing, its nuances, ways to get leads, how to be better at it and all. Although, one should be smart while choosing the mentor. As there are many fakers out there in the online world, who have got the free internet to do whatever they want.
But you can always follow the recommendation of an experienced content writer. Ask someone this question who has been here already. You can also find a few workshops on content writing on Instagram accounts run by content writers and content writers agencies. They also conduct live sessions and live interviews with other fellows. 

Free content writing tutorial

Free content writing tutorial

Free content writing tutorial is not something that is difficult to find. Hundreds of tutorials are available on YouTube. Although, bigger online education companies will not offer it for free. But there are several new online classes you can attend. Especially, the ones organised by freelance content writers and agencies on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

To know content writing, you will have to know about its different aspects as in, how to start writing, how to get a job, how to get work as a freelancer, how to get high paying clients, how to retain clients, what are the free content writing softwares available online.

Some of the free content writing softwares available online are:-

free content writing softwares
  1. Grammarly

It is used to check the grammar mistakes in the content. This tool is very helpful for the beginner and for those who have a lot of work to handle and can’t find time to edit the article.

  1. Ideaflip

This tool gives you a visual, interactive environment that enables you to write down, manage, and develop your ideas.

  1. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

This tool helps you out in generating ideas for your new topic. In this tool, when you enter three keywords related to your idea, it will come with different blog topic names.


          Hemingway is used to edit the contents. It’s very popular among the content writers and content managers. It highlights sentences and phrases that are too complex. Suggests eliminative excessive adverbs and turning passive voice constructions into active voice.

5.Calmly Writer

This will help you out with its many features of writing. It is a lot more than MS Word or any other tool in that sense.


With the help of copyscape, you can make sure that the content is not plagiarised. As the plagiarism is the most serious offence in the field of content marketing. Once you are accused of plagiarism, chances are less that the client will turn towards you again.


It is a platform that will make your social media game very convenient and easy. Whether it is scheduling or planning, it is going to make it for you a lot easier.


Sniply is a highly effective tool as it helps you in generating a call to action for your contents. This can also provide you backlinks which can take your readers to the website you want.

There are many free content writing tools also  which you can use either as an addition or substitute for anyone of these.

You can use these tools for your free content writing test also. You will get to know how better you are at your work. It is very crucial to know where we exactly stand at this very moment of time.

 Free content writing courses with certification

Free content writing courses with certification

Some students and professionals who seek free content writing courses with certification can search it on google. Google will provide you various options for the certification you want to kickstart your career in content writing and content marketing. However, as it is said there is no free lunch. They will give you some other Call to Action. It is better to do some better content writing courses for getting a better idea of what lies beneath. 

Some good certifications available online are Udemy, Coursera, Internshala, Shaw academy, hubspot, and many others.With these certifications, you will get seen in the companies too. Internshala also offers various paid and unpaid internships through which one can go ahead in their career. Recently, they have started free content writing jobs also for freshers. Job portals like and offer a whole lot of jobs in the field.

Generally, content writing jobs do not require any specific degree. For freelancing, no one will ask you for any kind of degree or education. You need just to have a good understanding of the language you are writing in.

Content writing jobs are not only available in English but in all regional languages of India. To get the content writing jobs in India, you can also make your profile on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, if you write about your profession and you optimize your contents and connections, you will get inbound leads from very high paying clients. You can even reach them through cold mailing too.

Free content writing sites

Free content writing sites

There are umpteen of free content writing sites there on the internet where you can easily get the work. For example there is Upwork, Fiverr, and many similar sites. Even on Facebook, you can find clients from across the world in different content writing groups. Some free content writing apps like Internshala are available for you to get many relevant experiences and become better at the art. Polishing  the art is very important to lead in the game.

Content Writing is one of the most awesome and satisfying jobs out there which gives you multiple ways to earn. You just have to be patient and learn consistently. And not to forget, work tirelessly.

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